Will the Alex Ferry Foundation pay Dispute Pay?

No.  The Board considered this matter at length and reviewed the legal requirements of the Foundation to operate within the spirit and letter of charity law and the regulations of the Charity Commission. The Trustee Board consider that directly supporting a workplace dispute by paying union members involved in that dispute might not be considered a ‘charitable objective’ by the Charity Commission. Such payments could therefore be both unlawful and could endanger the status of the Alex Ferry Foundation as a registered charity. If there was a serious breach of law or regulations the Charity Commission could decide to replace the Trustees of the Alex Ferry Foundation with their own appointees and we could lose control of the endowment of the Foundation.  In addition to these legal considerations the Trustees took the practical view that payments to replace wages (in whole or in part) for those in dispute with their employers would exhaust the income of the Foundation in a very short time, as well as recognising that the payment of dispute pay is a matter for the trade union(s) representing the membership concerned.  For these reasons the Board regrets that it will not pay grants for dispute pay.