Bob Holmes has been a trade union member for 40 years in the AEU, Amicus and now Unite. During his career, Bob has predominantly worked at the BAE Systems Warton site.  At the time of the 35 Hour Week Campaign dispute in 1989/90 he was one of those who contributed to the strike fund, initially £5 a week rising to £30 a week in February 1990 in support of union brothers and sisters who were out on strike.

The dispute lasted 18 weeks and during the last three weeks Bob was suspended without pay or strike pay for refusing to cross the Picket line at the sister BAE site in Preston.

In 2004, Bob Holmes became an Amicus Shop Steward, eventually becoming the BAE Warton site manual Convenor in 2011. He has always had a keen interest in the outcome of the 35 Hour Week Campaign Fund and is happy that it is now being put to good use by the Alex Ferry Foundation.